Torrevieja is a city of the Autonomous Community of Valencia and Alicante province of south-eastern Spain, about 50 kilometers south of the city of Alicante. The area it rarely rains and the sun is about 300 days a year. The average temperature is about 18 degrees. Torrevieja town’s name means “old tower” (La Torre Vieja). The city got its name in 1803. At the highest point there is a watch tower, which the current version is built with only the mid-1990s. Torrevieja town covers an area of 75 square kilometers, of which the salt lakes, accounting for approximately 37 square miles.

Located in the western part has two large salt lakes. Salt Lakes provide a microclimate which is unique in the world. It is said that in Torrevieja is “easy to breathe.” In the mid 1760’s the area was first evaporated salt from sea water. Torrevieja’s salt factory is one of the largest in Europe and the in the world a very important salt producer. Smaller of the salt lakes, Laguna de la Mata, is now a nature reserve, which gives a home to hundreds of different species of birds. Larger, Laguna de Torrevieja, salt intake is still in use. Cleaned salt stored in large heaps, which are the local name “garberas.” Polluting industries in Torrevieja does not exist, therefore the climate and the beaches will remain clean in the future. Torrevieja, you will find all the necessary services. You will receive in english service mm. some banks, insurance companies and tax office. In the evening, enjoy a variety of entertainment options for all ages. The center is a Tivoli and there is lot of cafes, discos, bars, etc.

The city is also a popular destination to Spain from elsewhere in Europe permanently moved among: Torrevieja was the 2012 census, 105 876 inhabitants, of whom 46.8% were Spanish citizens. Other large groups of the population in Torrevieja are the UK (12.5%) and Germany (3.8%) of the citizens. Torrevieja is a great place to live. That’s why thousands of people have chosen this city in order to enjoy the pleasant climate and a relaxing life.