The rental period can start on any day of the week.  if the time of the rental is for example week/month + three day is the daily price calculated followingly: The price of one month is divided whit 30 and one week is divided whit 7. (two weeks whit 14 et.) The daily price is multiplied by the additional days and added to the month/week price.

All our properties are very well equipped. All apartments are furnished and has necessary bedlinen and towels. Beach towels are not included. In the information of the apartment is mentioned household appliances. Flat iron and ironing board can be also found in the apartments as well as laundry drying track.

On the terrace/yard can be found a table whit at least four chairs. The apartments are calculated followingly: One-bedroom apartments has bedlinen and supplies for 2 persons, in 2-bedroom apartments for 4 persons etc. All the apartments have dishes for at least six persons. Sunbeds are not a standard equipment’s in the apartments.

All the apartments are cleaned before client’s arrival. As an exception terraces and balconies that are easily exposed to rain and dust. External company takes care of the cleaning so unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the terraces/balconies are completely clean when arriving to the apartment.

The properties are also used by the owners and doesn’t equate to a normal hotel accommodation. The client is obligated to take care of the property during the rental period. This means general cleaning, ventilation etc. Possible damages must be informed to the landlord.

All the properties have air source heat pumps and the newer properties have central air condition system which ensure stable heating/cooling in all rooms.

In the Spanish apartments the electricity is single-phased and 5,75 kW. This is the reason all the household appliances can’t be used at the same time. The apartments have automatic circuit breakers. Blackouts are rarely. Every apartment has an electricity meter and the debit is whit tax 0,40 € / kWt.  The price varies according to the current tariff.  Water is heated whit a boiler or partially whit solar panels which are installed in the newer apartments. The boilers capacity is either 50, 80 or 100 litres.

There are two keyrings for each apartment.

Every apartment has Spanish tv channels and some of them also satellite channels.

The normal speed of the internet is 5, 6 or 10 Mb. However, the speed changes a lot and the service provider is responsible for the functioning.

In case there are bicycles, trolleys or other movables in the apartment the client is responsible for them.

The communities swimming pools are normally closed during winter. The pool areas are normally open from June till the end of September or October. Also, many communities have the pool areas open during Easter. Many communities also keep the pool areas open throughout the year. Welfare measures are tended to make at winter. Ask about the opening schedules to be sure.

Garbage containers are found on the street near each apartment. The towns recommendation is to take out the trash after 20 in the evening because the containers are emptied at night. Recycling is not unfortunately possible in every spot. More information can be found in the apartments file.

Bigger grocery stores are open at winter time from Monday till Saturday 9:15 – 21:15. At summer time some of stores are open till late and on Sundays.

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