Rental terms

We are a home rental agency in Torrevieja and Costa Blanca area. Length of the rentals can be from one week to several months. From each apartments page can be found information’s, prices, photos, location/map and booking calendar.

Winter season:    1.10 – 31.5.                     

Summer season: 1.6 – 30.9.

All apartments are furnished and equipped with the necessary bed linen/towels and set of dishes. The houses are also used by the owners, so they are designed more homelike than a hotel room. Smoking is forbidden in all properties and pets are allowed only in a few apartments.


Booking, reservation fee and deposit

After booking the apartment on our webpage we send the confirmation and the invoice of the reservation to your email. The booking is valid when we have received the reservation fee. The reservation fee in rentals less than 2 months is 200,00 – 350,00 € and rentals longer than 2 months the reservation fee is 1 months’ rent.

In case the client cancels the reservation without a valid reason he/she will lose the reservation fee. If the client cancels the reservation 6 months before starting of the reservation the reservation fee will be returned outright. The reservation fee is also returned in case of accident or illness against a medical certification.

The reservation fee transfers to the apartments deposit which will be returned into the client’s bank account approximately one week after ending of the rental in case the apartment is in same condition as handed over.

In case the client terminates the rental contract before the date marked on the contract the landlord is entitled to hold back the full deposit.

Minimum rental period is 1 week.


On the start date of the reservation our company’s representative will come to the apartment on agreed time and will show the property, hand out the keys and makes the official rental contract whit the client. The rent can be paid by credit card / cash or before arrival on a bank transfer. From the payments made by credit card we hold 1% expense.

The final cleaning is mandatory for all the properties and can’t be self-made. For one or two-bedroom apartments the final cleaning is 60,00 €. In three bedroom apartments price stars from 70,00 € and 4 bedrooms or bigger houses 100,00 €.


You can book a transportation from/to the airport from us ( 24h ). The transportation includes one stop depending upon your time of arrival either in a mini market / petrol station or in a grocery store. If you wish to arrive on your own, please calls us +34693800529 when you leave from the airport so we will know when to meet you at the apartment.

Key reclaiming between 22.00 – 7:00 is 25,00 € / check in and 25,00 € / check out. (included in the transportation.)


The Wi-Fi is included in the rent for all apartments. In case we need to call a representative to fix the line and the problem is in the client’s device, the client is obliged to compensate the expenses.


All the apartment has a electricity meter and the electricity is charged according to consumption (0,40 € / kwt ).

The price varies according to the current tariff.


The water fee is 10.00 € / week / apartment.

In apartments with a daily price in summer, the water fee is included in the rental price.

Final cleaning

The final cleaning is mandatory for all the properties and can’t be self-made. For 1 / 2 bedroom apartments the final cleaning is 60,00 €. In 3 bedroom apartments price stars from 70,00 € and 4 bedrooms or bigger houses 100,00 €.

End of rental period

The rental time ends to the date marked on the contract but can be extended whit a written agreement.

If the client doesn’t hand out the keys on the agreed time, he/she will be obligated to compensate all the cost from extra days and delays.

Before leaving the apartment, the client is obligated to wash the dishes, empty the fridge and take out the trash.


Other conditions

All the furniture and movables belong to the rental apartment. An extra inventory list can be added to the rental contract in case the parties wish so.

The client can’t alienate or rent the apartment to a third party without the landlords written agreement.

The client is not allowed to install any paintings or do any modifications to the apartment that might leave a mark.

The client is obligated to take care of the apartment during the rental period. The client is obligated to inform about any damage caused by them and compensate all the missing/damaged items to the apartment’s owner even if the rental contract has already ended.

Mositan Vuokraus/ Landlord in not responsible for maintenance or repairs to the community areas. ( swimming pool, sauna etc.)

In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to relinquish from the laws of their nationality and agrees to settle under the laws of Torrevieja.


Updated 1.10.2022