The rental period can start on any day. If your rental period is, for example, a week / month and 3 days, the price is calculated as follows: the monthly rent is divided by 30 / Weekly rent by 7 gives the Daily Price. The daily price is multiplied by the number of additional days and the amount is added to the weekly or monthly rent.

All the apartments we care about are very well equipped. The apartments are furnished and have the necessary linen, dishes and towels. Beach towels must be kept by the guest. The brochures for the apartments contain the main household appliances. Extras include an iron and ironing board and a clothes rack. There are at least 4 chairs and a table outside. The apartments are dimensioned so that the 1 bedroom apartment has beds, linen, towels and other accessories for 2 people. 2-bedroom apartment for 4 people, etc. All apartments have dishes for at least 6 people. Sun loungers and beach chairs are not included in the standard furnishings of the rental apartments.

All apartments will be cleaned upon arrival. Exceptions are balconies and courtyards that are exposed to rain and dust. As all items are cleaned by a separate company, we unfortunately cannot promise that the exterior will be completely clean upon arrival at the apartment. The apartments are also occupied by the owners, so they do not correspond to normal hotel accommodation. The tenant's responsibilities include maintaining the apartment for his or her part during the rental period. This means general cleaning, cleaning, ventilation, etc. Any damage must be reported to the dealer.

All rental apartments have an air source heat pump (s) and the newest apartments have a so-called central air conditioning, providing even cooling or heating in all rooms.

In Spanish homes, the power supply is single-phase and 3.4 to 5.75 kW. Because of this, not all appliances can be used at the same time. The apartments have circuit breakers. Power outages are rare in the area. All apartments have an electricity meter and the charge including taxes is € 0.30 / kWt. The price varies according to the current tariff. Domestic water is heated either by a boiler or partly by a solar panel, which is only available in the newest apartments. The normal volume of the boiler is 50, 80 or 100 liters.

There are two sets of keys to the apartment. Serialization of lock housings is rare here, so there are usually many keys.

All apartments have Spanish digital channels, and some also have free satellite channels.

Normal speeds for Internet lines are 5 to 100 Mb. However, there are many speed variations and the service provider is responsible for the operation of the lines.

If the apartment includes bicycles, prams or other accessories, they are serviced by the customers.

The condominium pool areas are generally closed during the winter season. The pools are normally in use from the beginning of June to the end of September or mid-October, and in several condominiums also during Easter. In many condominiums, pool areas are open year-round. The aim is to always carry out maintenance work during the winter. Ask your real estate agent about this.

There are rubbish dumps on the street near the apartments. The city recommends that household waste be taken out only after 8 p.m., as rubbish bins are usually emptied at night. Unfortunately, sorting is not everywhere. More information can be found in the housing information folders.

Larger grocery stores are open during the winter from Monday to Saturday from 9:15 to 21:15. During summer, some supermarkets are open until 24:00 and also on Sundays.

The town of Torrevieja has good bus links. One trip costs 1.35, but as a city resident you can buy an annual card for only € 35.00. Torrevieja is well connected to Alicante Airport.

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