Rental conditions

We provide rental apartments in the Torrevieja area and the surrounding area. The rental period can be one week or several months. In the list of rental apartments you will find information, prices, photos, a map and a booking calendar.

The winter season is 1.10. - 31.5.

The summer season is 1.6. - 30.9.

All the apartments we care for are furnished and have the necessary linen and crockery. The apartments are also occupied by the owners, so they do not correspond to hotel accommodation. Smoking is prohibited indoors in all apartments, and pets are only allowed in some apartments.

Booking, booking fee and Guaranteed rental

We will send a confirmation and an invoice for the booking. The booking of the apartment will take effect when the booking money has arrived in our account. The amount of the reservation / deposit is 200 - 350 € for rentals lasting less than 2 months and one (1) month for rentals longer than 2 months. The booking / deposit is not deducted from the rent.

The landlord has the right to charge the Guarantee Rent. The booking money will automatically be transferred to the security deposit, which will be returned to the account you provided within approximately two weeks of the end of the lease if the apartment is in a similar condition as at the time of handover.

If the lessee terminates the agreement before the due date specified in the agreement, the landlord has the right to withhold the Guarantee Rent in full (mainly applies to longer-term leases).


If the cancellation (tenant or rental agent) occurs 6 months before the start of the rental, we will refund the booking money in full. We will also refund the booking fee in case of illness, accident, etc. (medical certificate to be presented).

Rent payment

A representative of our company will come to the apartment at the agreed time to hand over the keys and present the apartment, at the same time we will make a formal lease agreement. The rent is payable in cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) on the spot at the time of handing over the apartment or by bank transfer one week before arrival. Rent for long-term contracts can be paid in advance on a monthly basis. We charge a 1% fee for credit card payments.


Through us you can book a transfer (24h) from the airport to the destination. The shuttle service includes a stop at the store or gas station, depending on your arrival time. If you have not booked a shuttle service, we hope you will call when you leave for Torrevieja. If the arrival and departure time is at night, the reservation must start the day before and end the day later.

Handover / return of keys at. Between 22:00 and 07:00 € 25.00 / check in and € 25.00 / check out if there is no transport through us.


All apartments have internet access. The service provider is responsible for the functionality of the subscriptions. If we have to call a representative of the service provider and the fault is in the customer's own device, he is obliged to pay the costs of the visit.

Electricity payment

Electricity is charged according to consumption (0.35 € / kwt). The price varies according to the current tariff.

Water charge

The water fee is 10.00 € / week / apartment.

In apartments with a daily price in summer, the water fee is included in the rental price.

Final cleaning

The final cleaning and linen cleaning of all apartments is 60.00 € / 1 and 2 bedrooms, 70.00 € / 3 bedrooms and 100.00 € / 4 bedrooms or larger detached houses.

End of rental period

The rental period ends on the date specified in the formal agreement, but it can be extended by a separate written agreement.

If the tenant does not hand over the keys within the agreed time, he will have to reimburse the landlord for the extra days of the rent and the extra costs incurred for the delay.

At the end of the tenancy, the tenant's responsibilities include washing the dishes, emptying the refrigerator, taking out the rubbish and removing any groceries they have that are in open packaging.

The reservation / deposit will be refunded to the account you provided within 1-2 weeks.

If the arrival and departure time is at night, the reservation must start the day before and end the day later. Or else on the day of departure the apartment must be handed over by 12:00.

Special conditions

Furniture and other furniture belong to the rental apartment. A separate inventory may be attached to the contract, which the parties may draw up if they so wish.

The tenant may not transfer or rent the apartment or part of it to a third party without the written consent of the landlord.

The tenant may not, without permission, affix paintings or make any alterations to the apartment that will leave a mark on the apartment.

It is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the apartment during the rental period. The tenant is obliged to report any damage he has caused to the apartment and to compensate for lost goods or damage that is not due to normal wear and tear. If the customer does not report the damage, the real estate agent / homeowner has the right to charge for the damage, even if the tenancy has already ended.

Mositan The landlord / landlord is not responsible for maintenance, interruptions or repairs to the condominium's common areas (swimming pool, sauna, etc.).

In the event of any dispute, the parties will waive the case law of their respective countries and undertake to submit any disputes to Torrevieja's case-law.

Updated 1.6.2023